Journal Assignment #1: Cool Typography

Image from I love how the graffiti type matches that of the movie title. It goes unnoticed, which allows it to stay up longer.

Image from I like how the letters were manipulated in a way to form a gun. It might be more interesting if less letters were used.

Image from The block-letters here are very pleasing to the eye and shows great dimension.

Image from Using a “fat cap” allowed for this type to pop. I love how the line weight is light at times, then heavy at others.

Image from I don’t really like the typeface so much here, however I really enjoy the appearance of the typeface resembling x-rays.

Image from I’ve seen many bookends that were large letters, but have yet to see the use of brackets.

Image from I really enjoy this use of type because it expresses that the band really identifies with Chicago as more than just a city, but a part of them.

Image from I love how strong this image is all from the use of type. It seems very political, however I feel it’s asking more of a “what do you hold value to?” type of question. WAR is not the only thing that comes to mind when viewing this.

Image from I really respect the way this gal took graffiti to another level by adding such a girly touch (using carnations) to what is predominantly a man’s game.

Image from I love how these letters can stand alone and still be visually appealing.  I also enjoy seeing that there is some kind of arabic influence in this typeface.

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One Response to Journal Assignment #1: Cool Typography

  1. liz roberts says:

    i completely love the typography you chose to talk about. i love graffiti. it has such a negative connotation, and i hate that such great art (and typography) is frowned upon. i especially loved the carnation tag by the girl and the bookends. i really appreciate your taste 🙂

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